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NAME YOUR POISONThe principal obstacle to full health is the degree of blood toxicity. You may think of poisons as things like arsenic, or cyanide, or rat poison,or things that secret agents in James Bond movies bite in capsules just beforethey’re captured. There are many levels and types of poisons. The best oneskill you the slowest and are undetectable. Let’s consider the slowest poisonsof all: the food we eat.Most modern food which the American diet comprises is poison. Why do I saythat? A good poison will:
  1. block the flow of blood,
  2. decrease the amount of oxygen to the tissues
  3. interfere with one or more major systems of the body,
  4. cause addiction to the poison itself
  5. eventually kill the subject without ever being detected
No poison in history has achieved these goals on the scale that processedfood has.
Phentermine 37.5, my diet mds,