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So, you decided you want to learn how to lose weight. Very good!
This is the first and the most important step in this journey
ahead of you. Do not worry, we at will be
here for and with you from the beginning until the end. Nothing
will happen unless you decide to take action, and we will teach
you the exact steps which you must follow. will be here 24/7 to support you in every
possible way. You can always rely on us. In case of questions
and insecurities, do not hesitate to contact us as often as you
like. We will do out very best to come up with a solution that
is most fit for you!
You must understand that the weight loss concept is a thing that
is deeply engraved in your mind. Losing weight is a process
that not only takes place in your body, but also in your mind.
If you manage to control your ambition and your impulses even
just a little, you are on a certain road to success. Do not
imagine that if you just follow a certain diet plan, your body
will get in shape miraculously. This will not happen, unless you
also focus on your objectives.
As a first step you should choose your goal and stick with it.
Think of what you want: lose 10 pounds, lose 20 pounds, get
fit… Whatever the end result is, keep it always in your mind,
…and believe that it can happen.
Of course, just thinking about shedding pounds does not mean
that your body fat will be diminished over night. You must learn
to combine eating healthy with exercising. These two methods
will be the main principles that you must guide yourself after.
Therefore let us take it slow.
Let’s start with a very important element: eating healthy. Food
is the main intake of calories, and it can lead to body fat if
not portioned in rationed quantities. You must be extremely
careful with your choice of meals during the day. Don’t get us
wrong, we are not saying that you should not eat or skip your
meals entirely. On the contrary, you should be able to get to a
point where you will find equilibrium in your diet, and learn
how to combine aliments that will also be satisfying and
vitalizing for your body. The first step in this direction is to
eliminate products that are rich in fat and saturated
carbohydrates, you know, the ones you really do not need.
These are simple but extremely important details which must be
taken seriously, because they will help in your weight reduction
quest. By now you are probably wondering which are these little
tricks that you must follow. Well, do not worry, you will see
the selection we did below:
Replace soda drinks with water; the carbohydrates in
sodas will only make you take in more calories, and will not
bring any benefit to your organism.
Do not skip your meals! This is essential for you to
remember. Having regulated times for eating will maintain a
constant level of blood sugar; yes, we know you have heard this
a million times, but it can’t hurt to read it again, since it is
such a crucial aspect.
• Try your very best notto eat too much at one meal;
eat more often and little, so that your body can have enough
time to consume the calories you take in.
• Make sure to include in your diet vegetables, dried
fruits, and cereals that will provide your body with the amount
of fiber required. And as an extra bonus they will also help to
prevent colon cancer.
• Try to avoid eating fried food, but if you really
must, at least use olive oil. It is much healthier for your
body, does not have such a great amount of fat intake, and does
not increase your level of cholesterol.
Make your dinners more light; do not eat pasta before
bedtime, replace it with a soup, or even better yoghurt or
Under no circumstances drink alcohol; it will be your
enemy for more than one reason. Alcohol is a tremendous source
of calories intake which will result in the increase of your
body fat.
• Make sure that you include yoghurt in your diet; it is
a very healthy element and it helps the process of digestion.
• Do not eat so much bread and bread products; did you
know that one simple pretzel has 436 calories?? And do you know
how much it takes to lose those calories? AT LEAST 1 hour of
walking! So tell us, do you really think that pretzel is really
worth it?
• Do not be in such a hurry when you eat; chew your
food, and eat slowly. This way your body will determine better
when it feels filled, and you will not over eat.
Now that you found out or, you were remembered of some of the
basic tricks for weight reduction, you should also keep in mind
that a diet plan alone is not enough. Complicated, isn’t it?
Actually, NOT so much. It is all about being able to get
yourself into a rhythm, and once your are there it will become
your life style.
The second, but as important element in this equation is
EXERCISING. Yes, my dears, we can not have a fit and slim body
without some physical effort! It is understandable that many of
you can refuse to participate at such activities, but it is all
about breaking those mental barriers, and sticking to your goal
and ambition.
Believe you can lose weight, imagine yourself without those
extra pounds! Isn’t this what you want to achieve? If the answer
is YES, then you will be willing to make a few sacrifices, that
will lead to shedding those awful pounds that have been
tormenting you for so long. And you don’t even have to be so
worried that things will be so difficult.
Losing weight without exercising will not bring the results
desired. On the contrary, it has some unwanted risks such as
losing more muscle than body fat. So yes, you will lose pounds,
but the fat will still exist and therefore your body will not
get the shape that you long for.
Wouldn’t you like not to feel embarrassed anymore when it comes
to going to the beach and presenting yourself in a bathing suit?
How about being able to appear and stand proud with a slim and
fit body, and enjoy yourself much more?
Remember, slow is the best method to make things permanent.
Therefore, we will present you a few easy tips on how to lose
weight quick by exercising:
• Walk more; yes you heard it right, you should move a
little, and not be so eager to drive to all places. Walk one
hour a day and in this manner you will lose one pound of fat a
week in a safe and secure way.
• If possible, run! Don’t think that you need to start a
marathon; just run at a quicker pace, and that will reduce body
fat in a healthy manner.
• Pick up a sport; swim, bike, jog, whatever is comfy
with you and your schedule.
Take the stairs when you go up, instead of using the
elevator. Of course, nowadays time seems more important than
ever, so why not combine this in your life style? Next time you
are off to work, try this!
• Do some exercises at home; spend 10-15 min every day
by stretching your muscles and stimulating your body to burn
Exercising is an activity that has quite a lot of advantages. It
provides your body a lot of energy, so you will be able to
finish more than one thing at a time. It’s also a great method
to relieve stress and pressure and, maybe most important, it
will help you lose your extra pounds and offer a slim and firm
So what is the conclusion? The essence is that in order to lose
weight you need to combine healthy, rationed but still tasteful
eating with a mild but effective way of exercising. And this is
not an impossible goal to achieve.
provides all the support you need. You will find new ideas and
working products, that will come in your aid and boost your
energy. Take a chance, to make a change! Together we will do it!